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This section is just a miscellaneous mix of my original guitar backing tracks. You can find some unique tracks here that don't fit any real style. There are some nice tunes in this collection.

I am always creating and producing original new tracks so follow me on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to be notified of my new original tracks once they are uploaded. I am  always up for suggestions or requests, just contact me on my YouTube channel and I will try and create a custom track for you.

Soothing Blues Guitar Backing Track in Em Jam #165

Melodic Blues Guitar Backing Track Jam in B Minor #164

Sad Smooth Guitar Backing Track Jam in Cm #163

Emotional Latin Style Guitar Backing Track Jam in Am #162

Spacious Blues Rock Guitar Backing Track Jam in Bm #161

Chill Backing Track in D Minor Smooth Jazz MP3 #160

Ambient Relaxing Music Backing Track in E # 159

Mellow Smooth Jazz Guitar Backing Track in Am MP3 #154

Atmospheric Guitar Backing Track in A Minor MP3 #152

Power Rock Guitar Backing Track in B Minor MP3 #151

Guitar Backing Track Blues Groove in Em MP3 #150

Guitar Backing Track Calm Mellow Jam in F# Minor MP3 #149

Guitar Jam Track Slow is Laid Back Blues in G MP3 #147

Pink Floyd Style Blues Guitar Backing Track in Bm MP3 #144

Action Funk Groove Guitar Backing Track in Am MP3 #142

Guitar Backing Track D Minor Mellow Groove Free MP3 #140

Hard Rock Metal Guitar Backing Track in E Minor #138

Guitar Backing Track in Am Just Bass and Drums Free MP3 Jam

Guitar Backing Track A Minor Long Jam in Am Latin Mellow Spanish Style

Up Tempo Latin Guitar Backing Track in A Minor Free Mp3 Jam Tracks

14 Minute Guitar Backing Track Slow Jam Mellow A Minor Soundscape

R&B Funk Jazz Hip Hop Guitar Backing Track No Vocals

Up Tempo Blues Shuffle Guitar Backing Track in E Major

Slow Guitar Backing Track Mellow Soundscape in A Minor

Pink Floyd Style Guitar Backing Track, Swing Waltz in C Minor

Reggae Guitar Backing Track B Minor Pentatonic Scale

Guitar Backing Track Driving Beat B Minor Scale

F# Minor Guitar Backing Jam Track Mellow 60BPM 

Slow C Minor Blues Guitar Backing Track Mellow Minor Pentatonic

Guitar Backing Track in D Minor Blues Waltz Mellow Jam

Guitar Backing Track in Am Latin Salsa Style Slow Jam Track in A Minor

PLEASE NOTE! All of the tracks on this site are my own original creations and can be used for your own personal use. If you upload your project to YouTube using one of my tracks, all I ask is if you credit my channel for the drum track in the video description. PLEASE NOTE - ALL MY TRACKS ARE FREE FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE! THIS KEEPS THE TRACKS FREE FOR EVERYONE AND YOU AVOID COPYRIGHT ISSUES ... THANK YOU… PLEASE SUBSCRIBE… and Always .....ENJOY!




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All the tracks on this website are my own original created content. I offer them FREE for NON-COMMERCIAL USE so that everyone can enjoy them!






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