get rid of guitar fret buzz
How To Get Rid Of Guitar Fret Buzz Stop Guitar Strings From Buzzing


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How To Get Rid Of Guitar Fret Buzz

It is a problem that occurs on the cheapest low quality guitar all the way up to the most expensive guitar out there, guitar fret buzz. Unless you are playing with a slide or you just like the strings high off the fret board, guitar fret buzz will probably occur when you change your guitar strings and try to get the action as low as possible. Here are some tips on how to help keep your guitar strings from buzzing on the frets.  There are several reasons for why your guitar may have fret buzz.

  • Old guitar strings with broken winding
  • Lint or debris between the frets and the strings
  • Uneven guitar frets, a popped fret or filed fret
  • Poorly adjusted truss rod, usually too tight

NEVER attempt to do anything to your guitar if you do not feel comfortable and confident that you can do the job safely. There are reasons guitar repair shops are out there and are not cheap.

First start out with a new set of guitar strings. Old guitar strings can have small breaks in the winding that will cause buzzing. make sure the guitar fret board is clean and lint free after changing the strings. If this does not fix the problem then you will want to check with guitar truss rod to make sure your neck is straight. The guitar neck should have a slight bow or dip in the middle near the 12 fret, about 1/16 of an inch. If the guitar neck is straight and the truss rod is properly adjusted then the guitar frets should be checked for the problem. At this point proper tools are necessary to do it right. You need a perfectly straight level rod to check the fret height. Special fret leveling files are needed to properly level the fret board and dress the frets safely.

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