Usage Policy for Guitar Maps Drum Tracks

Thank you for your interest in my drum tracks for your project.


Non Commercial Use

To use any my drum tracks for Non-Commercial/ Non-Monetized purposes, you must simply complete the following:

1) Download a High-Quality legal copy of the track from my Bandcamp page at

2) Add "Drum Track” or “Drums” provided by Guitar Maps Drum Tracks" in your description when posting on social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Etc…

3) Add a link back to my YouTube channel in your description.



Commercial Use

For commercial use I do a Non-Exclusive Collaborative License Agreement, The one time fee is $10 USD per track. This process allows the track ISRC to be cleared for publishing use in your song. This allows me to retain sole owner/rights of the drum track stem and then you retain all rights to your published song.

To make a Commercial purchase you simply go to Bandcamp and do the following:

1) Add the individual track(s) to your cart.

2) Calculate the total adding 10$ per track.

3) At checkout complete the transaction and be sure to add or email me the following information.

1.The # number of the track you will be using.
2.Your Artist Name, or name used with your publisher.
3.The name of the publishing/distribution company you will use.

This information is important as many publishers will identify the ISRC and contact my publisher for verification. Having this information will speeds up the process should this arise.

Then when you publish your song, it is crucially important to add "Guitar Maps Drum Tracks" as a primary artist. This will provide for a release use of the ISRC on the drum track. It is also a great way to cross promote your music as it will link your song to my already established platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc... Just as long as you add "GuitarMaps Drum Tracks" as a primary artist.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can contact me securely though my Bandcamp page at
I can even assist you with publishing or promotion, if you need assistance.



Download All My Drum Tracks in One File!

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© Copyright and Licensing

Disclaimer. For legal commercial use one of my tracks, I have to issue a commercial mechanical license agreement. This is due to the fact they are already published works and the sound recordings are registered and filed. Under no circumstance can the original recordings (Master Recordings) of any track be used in any way on a new project intended to copyright. If the original sound recording is used that would be in direct violation of U.S Copyright law. Under any agreed commercial contract, I maintain sole copyright status on the master recordings of the stem drum track.

If the commercial use of my track is intended for publishing or distribution without copyright, it can be addressed as a collaborative agreement, as long as "Guitar Maps Drum Tracks" is added as a Primary Artist when submitting for publication. This is critically important as each track contains an ISRC code in the content identification system. These are digital fingerprints assigned to each track when any song is published online for distribution. In order to avoid a conflict when publishing and/or avoid a violation, this clears the track for re use with the publisher/distributor. This is easily accomplished by adding "Guitar Maps Drum Tracks" as a Primary Artist. It can also be beneficial as it is seen as a collaboration and the published songs would then be cross promoted on my already established accounts such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube etc..

If you have any further questions or would like a custom quote, please contact me direct through Bandcamp at



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