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The concept of Guitar Maps is simply to memorize the natural (diatonic) scale pattern. All keys both major and minor are simply within one scale pattern of 7 notes. For example, comparing the C major & A minor Guitar Maps the C major pattern is the same as the A minor pattern. Why? Because the 6th note (degree) of the C major scale is A. Remember the 6th note (degree) of the major scale is the Aeolian mode (natural minor). For example: If the song you’re playing to is in the key of C major you can actually play the A minor scale and it will sound right. This is because it is still the same notes in the C major scale. Now notice if the song is in the key of A minor you can play a C major (Ionian) scale and it will sound right, again it is still the same notes, just a different starting point (Mode).

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