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Southern Rock Blues Guitar Backing Track MP3 #148













Southern Rock Blues Guitar Backing Track MP3 #148


Southern Rock Blues Guitar Backing Track MP3 #148. PLEASE READ BELOW!!  This quality southern style blues rock guitar backing track is in D major. This guitar backing track has an simple chord structure and just drums, bass guitar and some Hammond B3 style organ. Perfect track to practice your pentatonic blues scales and riffs. This Jam Track is little over 5 minutes long, in the key of D Major with a nice up beat tempo of 120 BPM. It shows the D Minor Pentatonic guitar map scale, it works nice with this one. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE… and Always.....ENJOY!

The chord progressions are as follows:


Chords: Dmaj – Gmaj – Dmaj – Gmaj – Dmaj – Amaj – Gmaj – Dmaj - Amaj


Download free mp3 guitar backing jam tracks for blues, rock, smooth jazz, metal, funk as well as original instrumentals. There is also a collection of bass guitar backing drum backing tracks for download as well. You can choose quality guitar backing tracks by style or by key. All songs are created without the lead guitar tracks, shown with guitar scale pattern charts perfect as a guitar solo lesson or just improvise a original guitar solo or lead over a quality guitar backing track. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE on YouTube and Always.....ENJOY!

I am always creating and producing original new tracks so follow me on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to be notified of my new original tracks once they are uploaded. I am  always up for suggestions or requests, just contact me on my YouTube channel and I will try and create a custom track for you.


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