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Hip Hop -Rap - Techno - EDM Drum Tracks Beats Loops

This drum track collection is of my original quality hip hop, rap, techno, club, dance and EDM drum tracks, beats, loops and samples. Most of these drum tracks are created with an electronic drum kit or sequenced electronically to produce the right quality sound for these particular styles of music.

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Hip Hop Trap Drum Loop 120 BPM Freestyle Drum Track Rap Beat #187

Hip Hop Drum Loop 100 BPM Freestyle Drum Track Rap Beat #174

Hip Hop Drum Loop 80 BPM Freestyle Drum Track Rap Beat #183

Old School Hip Hop Rap Drum Loop 80 BPM Drum Track Beat #169

Basic Hip Hop Drum Loop 60 BPM Freestyle Drum Track Rap Beat #178

Hip Hop Trap Groove Drum Beat 100 BPM Drum Track Rap Loop #164

Basic Freestyle Rap Hip Hop Drum Loop 60 BPM Beat Bass Track #146

Funky Hip Hop Drum Beat 78 BPM Drum Tracks for Bass Guitar Loop #145

Hip Hop Rap Freestyle Drum Beat 90 BPM Track (Remix Request)

Hard Hitting Rap Hip Hop Electronic Drum Beat Free Track #91

Hip Hop Rap Drum Track Electronic Beat Free Loop #87

Drum Beat Hip Hop EDM Club Mix Track Electronic Dance MP3 #67

Drum Beat Funk Hip Hop EDM Bass Backing Track #65

Funk Hip Hop Drum Beat Bass Guitar Backing Track Loop #63

Drum Beat Loop Rap Hip Hop Deep Bass Free MP3 Tracks #61

Funk Rock Drum Beat 90 BPM Hip Hop Backing Track Free MP3 Download Loop #58

Relaxing Electronic Drum Track Calm Smooth Jazz Beat 73 BPM #57

Funk Drum Track Laid Back Vinyl Groove Bass Guitar Backing Beat #56

Electronic Drum Loop Awesome Modern Drum Track Beat #55

Drum Beat 140 BPM Rock Track Free MP3 Download Loop #36

Drum Beat 140 BPM Bass Guitar Backing Track MP3 Download Loop #37

Drum Beat 130 BPM Jam Track Free MP3 Download Loop #42

Drum Track Loop 90 BPM Pop HipHop Beat Free MP3 Tracks

Hip Hop Rap Freestyle Beat Drum Track Sample 90 BPM

Funky R&B Funk Beat Backing Drum Track 100 BPM

Techno Rave Dance Drum Beat Track 120 BPM Backing Track

Download The Entire Collection of Drum Tracks in One File

Get instant download of all my Drum Tracks choose from several HQ formats. You receive all current drum tracks as well as all future tracks so the Album only gets bigger in time. Amazing Deal!






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