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Cleaning & Maintaining Your Guitar Body and Fret board



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Cleaning & Maintaining Your Guitar Fret board

Cleaning and maintaining your guitar fretboard is important to keep the guitar playing perfect every time. Simply wiping the guitar neck down with warm moist cotton cloth works to start. Next wipe the guitar neck down with dry soft cotton lint free cloth to get rid of any moisture. Depending on the guitars finish this next step is the most important of all. Many guitar players wipe the fret board down with lemon oil or even vegetable oil to keep their fingers from getting sore. I recommend a product called fast fret by GHS. It cleans and protects the guitar frets without an oily build up. Simply brush apply it to the guitar fret board and then wipe down any extra residue.

Gibson pump guitar spray polish is my cleaner of choice. it is safe on almost all guitar finishes and actually will preserve the lacquer finish on most guitars. it buffs out the back of the guitar neck very well and leaves a soft smooth finish for ultimate playability.





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