Guitar Maintenance, Repairs and Mods Modifications

Guitar Maintenance, Repairs and Mods Modifications Fix Common Guitar Problems








Guitar Maintenance, Repairs and Modifications

Learn how to make guitar repairs, modifications and maintain your guitar


This is a great resource on how to get your guitar in optimal shape. Proper Guitar Maintenance is critical to keep your guitar looking and playing great. From changing guitar strings to adjusting the truss rod you will find it here. It happens, a lot of time to no fault of your own, your guitar gets scratched, dropped, damaged or worse. Before you run to the closest guitar shop for expensive repairs check out the Guitar Repairs section.

There are many guitar repairs and fixes that you can do yourself. Not happy with the tone of your guitar? Not satisfied with the sound of your guitars pickups? Is your guitar ready for a hardware upgrade? Find some really cool guitar mods in the Guitar Modifications section. Need the right tools to work on your guitar? Find just about any tool you need in the Guitar Tools section. Every guitar tool, jig, fixture and supplies you need for working on your guitar.




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