Guitar Backing Track Download Tracks in the Key of F Major and Minor Sharp Flat










Guitar Backing Tracks in the Key of F Minor Major

This is my personal collection of all original guitar backing jam tracks in the key of f major, f minor, f sharp major and f sharp minor. Adding many styles of music mellow jazz, soft rock and many more to come. Not a popular key but I like the feel of it with slower backing tracks. I am always creating and producing original new tracks so follow me on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to be notified of my new original tracks once they are uploaded.

Download All Backing Tracks in One File




Seductive Blues Guitar Backing Track in F# Minor

Uplifting Guitar Backing Track in F Jam Track #178

Guitar Backing Track Calm Mellow Jam in F# Minor #149

F# Minor Guitar Backing Jam Track Mellow 60BPM #19 

Smooth Jazz Guitar Backing Track Calm Relaxing Mellow F Minor #117
















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