Guitar Backing Track Download Tracks in the Key of G Major and Minor









Guitar Backing Tracks in the Key of G Minor Major

This is my collection of original guitar backing jam tracks created in the key of both G and G minor. Many styles of backing tracks from slow and up tempo blues, funk, rock and smooth jazz.All the tracks on this website are my own original created content. I offer them FREE for NON-COMMERCIAL USE so that everyone can enjoy them!

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Fly With Me Guitar Backing Track in G Minor Ballad Jam Track SJT226

Dreamy Rock Guitar Backing Track Ballad in G Minor Jam Track #215

Blues Guitar Backing Track in Gb Minor Mellow Jam #204

Melodic Rock Ballad Guitar Backing Track Gm #194

Happy Guitar Backing Track in G Jam #175

Guitar Jam Track Slow Laid Back Blues in G #147

Guitar Backing Track Santana Style Latin in G# Jam #73

G # Minor Slow Rock Funk Jam Backing Track Pentatonic Scale #25

Up Tempo Smooth Jazz Guitar Backing Track in G Minor #17

Techno Trance Groove Guitar Backing Track key of G 111 BPM

















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